Enjoy the Sweet, Healthy Benefits of Dates

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in blog

Dates are a type of food that you should be reaching for if you’re trying to lose weight but still crave something sweet. They are also a healthy snack providing a number of different minerals and vitamins. Dates are a high source of fiber and the list goes on and on. This food should be a staple in every household and encouraged as a healthy snack for children versus sugary candy that has no nutritional value. If you have a restaurant and cook regularly with dates you’ll love our California Pitted Dates that are perfectly moist and delicious. At Qualifirst you can order our dates in bulk quantities and take advantage of our wholesale prices. Never before has gourmet food been as accessible as it is today and you can serve your customers high quality date dishes without having...

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Cooking with Qualifirst Premium Modern Gastronomy Ingredients

Posted by on Jan 12, 2017 in blog

Modern gastronomy is taking over in kitchens across the world. It is the new way to cook and experiment with a wide range of ingredients, at a molecular level. There are simple ingredients which can add a new dimension to your cooking that you’ve never experienced before. At Qualifirst, we carry the gels and powders that the influential chefs use to create masterpieces. Here are just a few of the powerful ingredients you can use to bring your cooking to the next level. Activated Carbon Activated carbon is often used to detox the body, but it can also be used in cooking as well. When you add activated carbon to a recipe, it can remove the impurities found in gases, vapours or fluids. This is a powerful ingredient with 1 pound of carbon- equivalent to the surface area of...

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How To Cook With Glucose Liquid

Posted by on Dec 15, 2016 in blog

How to Cook with Glucose Liquid If you’re making confectionery products you’ll need to have glucose liquid readily available in your pantry. This type of sugar is a must-have for a variety of home baking recipes such as cakes, pies, and for a number of frozen desserts. There really isn’t any substitute available for glucose liquid that can perform as well as this substance to turn desert creations into masterpieces. Glucose liquid is often used in the production of chewing gum and commercial chocolate products and it prevents sugar crystallization in foods such as canned jellies, jams and fruit. It’s an amazing ingredient that can help preserve food without making it taste any sweeter. In fact, it can enhance the flavor of many foods and mask any excessive sweetness. Any serious chef has a bottle of glucose liquid nearby...

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3 Ways to Cook with Balsamic Vinegar

Posted by on Dec 9, 2016 in blog

If you absolutely love balsamic vinegar, here are 3 ways to cook with it that you may not have considered before. Balsamic vinegar is available in a wide variety of qualities and flavours and its mildly sweet yet tangy taste makes it a perfect addition to marinades, dressings and desserts. Marinades and Salad Dressings Create unique salad dressings and marinades with high quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil as the base. From this point on, you’ll have a number of different ingredients that you can add to make a variety of taste sensations. Try adding molasses for a sweeter taste, lemon juice to add a zesty flavor, maple syrup for an inspired Canadian vinaigrette and much more. You can also create amazing marinades that can be used as a glaze on ribs or brush on a fish fillet to...

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Where to Buy Wholesale Vanilla in Canada and the US

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in blog

Vanilla is a flowering plant that comes in more than 150 varieties. Only 2 of these vanilla orchids, however, are used commercially including Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia. Vanilla is the most labor-intensive product in the agricultural field because it takes anywhere from 18 months up to 3 years to see the orchid vine producing orchids. When they do bloom, they die quickly, usually within 3 hours, unless they’ve been hand-pollinated. The seeds must remain on the vine for at least 9 months before they can be harvested. Then, they have to be processed for several months before they can be used. The Best Vanilla in the World With this labor-intensive harvesting comes a lot of hard work and skill. Every vanilla bean is handled over and over again before it’s ready to be used. At Qualifirst, we understand...

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How to Cook with Saffron Threads

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in blog

Saffron is an exotic addition to any spice cabinet, and it is by far the most expensive type of spice to be found in the world by weight. It has many health benefits and offers its own unique taste in any dish. In order to truly experience it in all its glory, you’ll need to give it some extra special care. This spice requires TLC beforehand in order to really taste its full, robust flavour. Saffron threads come from the stigma of a crocus flower and cannot be machine harvested. Every thread is delicately hand picked, leading to its high cost. However, it’s worth the extra expense. Since a single thread is rich in flavour, you won’t require many threads in your dishes. Adding too much saffron can give dishes a medicinal taste, so be careful and use only...

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